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Sunday, April 12, 2020


            I was driving home from a night shift at 7:30 am.  Headed east, I could see the sun begin to rise above the mountains of British Columbia.  Covid-19 caused the province to shut down but my work was considered essential so my employment continued. 


            Nobody else was on the road and hadn’t been for quite some time so the pollution was minimal and the mountains were in full view with a pink, orange, and blue collage as their backdrop.  The scene was spectacular.


            At this moment, I cracked a smile as time seemed to slow down.  In the midst of global confusion and chaos, all I felt was peace.   This increased emotion could be explained by a lack of sleep but at this point, who cares? 


            Now, I consider myself a spiritual person and enjoy having a relationship with my Creator; so the following conversation may seem strange to some but for me, it was real. 

This inner voice asked me why I was smirking?  I answered… Because right now, I know exactly who I am and it's empowering.  This same voice then responded by reminding me that many have lost or have never experienced this feeling and I should probably do something about that.


          As soon as I agreed, the idea of a quality clothing brand named SMRK then came to mind.  I have never attempted to start a business nor have I ever been a member of the fashion industry, but I believe when you feel pulled in a particular direction, action is required despite uncertainty or lack of knowledge. 


            At SMRK, our goal is to provide the opportunity for others to claim back a piece of who they are that was otherwise stolen through depression and anxiety.   When you wear SMRK clothing,  Not only do you join our nation of SMRKers, but you provide free counseling for those ready to re-discover who they are and how they were wired to be.


            You have a purpose.  

          Join our culture. 

          Join the fight.




          Mike Bakker


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